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Webinarium Improwizacji Organowej

Webinarium Improwizacji Organowej O roli polifonii, harmonii oraz techniki gry w improwizacji organowej Dr hab. Tomasz Orlow (Akademia Muzyczna im. Feliksa Nowowiejskiego w Bydgoszczy) Webinarium Improwizacji Organowej Akademia Muzyczna im. Feliksa Nowowiejskiego w Bydgoszczy Wydział Dyrygentury, Jazzu i Edukacji Muzycznej, Specjalność Improwizacja Organowa Maj 2022 W roku akademickim 2022/2023 w Akademii Muzycznej im. Feliksa Nowowiejskiego […]

O Świętowaniu na Kujawach

TSpotkanie z cyklu W foyer przy kawie Agnieszka Kostrzewa Hanna M. Łopatyńska Akademia Muzyczna im. F. Nowowiejskiego w Bydgoszczy 05.01.2022 r.   Podczas trzeciego spotkania z cyklu W foyer przy kawie o rzeczach niezwykłych opowiadają badaczki tradycji: Agnieszka Kostrzewa oraz Hanna Łopatyńska z Muzeum Etnograficznego im. Marii Znamierowskiej-Prüfferowej w Toruniu. Kujawy to region obfitujący w […]

Between radio and stage. Radio opera – genesis and definition

Looking back, it seems quite subversive that, in an over 100-year history of radio broadcasting, opera turned out to be an important music genre, even though, due to its audiovisual nature, it cannot be presented in its original version through a medium that communicates by sound alone. Opera and the rise of radio In France, […]

Polish piano trios of the 19th century. Were they forgotten for a reason?

My school years were a time when music was listened to from the radio, tapes or vinyl records. Over the years, CDs appeared, and for some time now we have had access to almost everything that has ever been recorded: it is enough to type the appropriate phrase into an Internet search engine. We got […]

Polish Radio opera of the 20th century. Sketches from the archives of Polskie Radio SA

It was during the second half of the 20th century that Polish composers became interested in radio opera. The first form of artistic expression of this kind known today is Aleksander Tansman’s Le serment: episode lyrique (The Oath: a lyrical episode), which is a dramatic adaptation of Honoré de Balzac’s novel Le grande bretèche. The […]

New arrangement of 12 Kurpie Songs Op. 58 by Karol Szymanowski for viola and piano

In the following article, I would like to give a brief overview of the results of my work on my arrangement of Karol Szymanowski’s Pieśni Kurpiowskie Op.58 [Kurpie Songs] from the position of an instrumentalist who likes to reach for music from stylistically distant eras and genres. It took me many years to become mature […]

Jędrzej Rochecki

Studiował kompozycję, teorię muzyki i reżyserię dźwięku w Akademii Muzycznej im. F. Nowowiejskiego w Bydgoszczy. Podczas studiów licencjackich doskonalił warsztat kompozytorski u prof. Marka Jasińskiego oraz prof. Zbigniewa Bargielskiego. Dyplom u...

Brahms in Solitude. Coping with Uncertainty

Brahms in Solitude: Coping with Uncertainty Jarred Dunn, Pianist Yamaha Artist Access the album on Spotify here. Access the album on Apple Music here. Brahms in Solitude was among the first projects I discussed with Yamaha Artiss when I signed with them in 2020. We planned the album to be recorded within months of my signing. […]

102030 Posts per page