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About OMR


The idea behind OpenMusicReview

Although the art of music is founded upon centuries of tradition, one of its key properties is that it only lasts a moment. This transience means that music is both elusive in nature and based on timeless values, while at the same time firmly planted in the present. The modern present is very dynamic and encompasses the entire globe not only in the real, physical sense, but also in the virtual one.

Traditional forms of experiencing and learning music remain unalterably valuable and precious, but the challenges of the modern era change the forms and the reach available to the artists and the music researchers.

This is why we created

What is OpenMusicReview?

OpenMusicReview is a place to present burning and interesting questions that always arise during the creative process. It is a place to meet up and discuss, search for inspiration, continue research and artistic pursuit. It is a space in the virtual world that may result in remarkable encounters and events in the real world.

OpenMusicReview is a place vibrant with music, a place for all of us.

The website has three distinct sections:

  • Artistic research – here the registered users have the possibility to publish the description of their artistic study and other similar undertakings. The website’s Editorial Team provides help with editing, revising, proof-reading, and dealing with technical issues.
  • Events – this is where the Editorial Team of the website publishes the most important events happening as part of the cooperative network between academies and other music related institutions all over the world.
    Would you like for your organisation to be included? Contact us at
  • Forum – quick questions, insightful answers. Despite the fact that social media remains the main ground for general discussions, a dedicated Forum can rally experts from various fields of music.

Who is OpenMusicReview for?

The modern, friendly, and welcoming website, was created for the international collective of artists, researchers, students and lovers of music who actively participate in the cultural life of their region, country, and the entire world.

Both institutional and individual users may register on the website.

Who created OpenMusicReview? emerged as part of the „Art of Perfection” („Sztuka Doskonałości”) project lead by the Bydgoszcz Music Academy. The project is funded within the scope of the „Regional Perfection Initiative” („Regionalna Inicjatywa Doskonałości”), a program of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for 2019-2022.

Coordinator of the „” project – assistant lecturer Marcin Tarnawski



What can a user do?

A registered user may, among other things:

  • publish their artistic research;
  • participate in discussions on the forum and directly under the published artistic research;
  • save artistic research and events as favourites;
  • edit their account-personal profile on the website.

See our Terms and Conditions to learn more!